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How to Crochet a Baby Chic for Easter

Easter is in two weeks! Have you started thinking about everything yet? What candy are you going to give the kids? Where are the best hiding spot for the Easter eggs? And decor, how are you going to decorate the house?! In the last post I showed you how to crochet an Easter bunny applique, so this time I am going to show you how to crochet a baby chic to go with it!

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How to Crochet an Easter Bunny Applique!

Spring is in full swing here in Michigan! (Currently downing in all the rain!) And that means Easter is fast approaching! This year, since the only way I’ll be hunting for eggs is hiding them around my own house, I’ve decided to come up with this cute Easter bunny crochet pattern instead! It would be perfect to tie onto the kids Easter baskets as an added gift, or make a bunch of them and hang them up as a garland decoration! Whatever you decide to do with it, I can’t get enough of this cute little pattern!