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20 Dollar Store DIY Christmas Crafts

Hey guys! Today I have for you another Christmas crafts posts! Because it's never too early to start crafting for the holidays right? We're going to be looking at a list of inspiration, to get you in the right mindset for all your creative crafts! Let's take a look at;  20 Dollar Store DIY Christmas… Continue reading 20 Dollar Store DIY Christmas Crafts

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40 Dollar Store Thanksgiving Crafts |Crafting on a Budget |

Hey guys! To start the month off right, I decided to kick it off with a jam-packed post of Dollar Store Thanksgiving crafts! I know the holidays can make us all tight on money, but that doesn't mean the crafts have to stop! Read more to take a look at what I found!

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10 Ways to Use Dollar Store Picture Frames|Crafting on a Budget|

Have you seen the prices of picture frames lately? The prices are astronomical. I mean come on $18 to hold a photo that will likely be obsolete in a year?! No thanks! Personally, I'm cheap. I'd rather go to the dollar store and DIY a frame to look the exact same as it would on the shelf of a Target. So if your're cheap... I mean crafty... like me, here are 10 ways to use a dollar store picture frame!