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Hey! My name is Sarah, but on here I go by CraftingQueen. I have a passion for all things crafting, but my main passion is crochet.

What CraftingQueen is all about…

Here at CraftingQueen, I believe that having a hobby is important and anybody, at any age, even the most basic beginner can learn a new skill with the right guidance. With my passion being crochet, I help all kinds of people learn this skill by giving step-by-step, how-to instructions. I create video tutorials and blog posts that teach people everything they need to know about crochet! I hope to take you through your crochet learning journey and make the process as easy and painless as possible!

A little about me….

As mentioned above, my name is Sarah and I’m a 21-year-old crafter. I’ve been interested in crochet since I was very young. My grandma started teaching me the basics when I was around 7, and I learned more from her as the years went on. I made tons of granny squares since that was the only thing I knew how to make, up until a few years ago. One day, I decided to search around the world wide web of YouTube and found there was much more to crochet than just blankets! Fast forward to May of 2018, and I decided to make my own crochet blog that would allow anyone to get interested and learn crochet just as I did years ago!ย Want to read more about me?ย Check out this post!

What to expect from my blog… 

I have made many changes to my blog over the months, changes I hope I’ve made for the better, and if you go far enough down I’m sure you can find posts that no longer fit my theme. At first, I was an all-around craft blog. Then I narrowed it down to three topics, kids crafts, dollar store/ cheap crafts and crochet. Finally, kids crafts dropped off the list and later after that, I’ve pretty much dropped dollar store crafts off of the list. Now while I can’t promise what I will post in the future (Dollar store posts may still make a small appearance once in a while) one thing will always remain the same. Crochet posts will always be the focus of my blog. As a matter of fact, the logo that I’ve had since the beginning is a yarn ball!

What this means is you can expect to find everything and anything about crochet, but as I begin redefining what my blog is all about, I will be starting out with the most basic things you will need to know about crochet- some things that you will need to know even before you pick up your first hook!

My set posting days (for now) are Monday and Friday. 

Where else can you find me?

I was honored enough to be featured on FeedSpots Top 20 Beginners Crochet Blogs To Follow list in 2018! I came in at spot #10, however, I’m not sure if the blogs were in any particular order. Even so, I am happy to be on the list with some of my favorite crochet blogs!

Want to purchase patterns from me?

You can find me on Etsy, where I sell crochet patterns, among other things. You can also check out my YouTube, where lots of my crochet tutorials end up.

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My socials: Facebook  , Instagram  , Pinterest  , Etsy  , YouTube

Feel free to introduce yourself down below! I’d love to get to know you! ๐Ÿ™‚



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