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5 Super Important Crochet Tools You Will Need Immediately!

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Starting a new hobby can be so exciting! Inspiration galore- so many new things to learn and do! But there can be one problem.

There are so many things to learn and do. Where the heck do you start?!

Well, lucky for you, if your new hobby happens to be crochet, I can tell you exactly where you need to start! Here are the essential things you should have in your beginner crochet kit!

5 Super Important Crochet Tools You Will Need Immediately!

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1) Crochet Hook (Duh!)

​Of course, this one is pretty obvious but what may not be so obvious is what hook should you buy? There are so many options! What size do you need? What do the sizes mean? Should I get just one, or the whole pack?! I go over all this information, and more, in this post HERE (How to choose the perfect crochet hook for beginners!) I even give you a recommendation of my favorite set of hooks to buy!

​2) Yarn (Bigger DUH!)

Click here to read the post!

​But, again, while the concept of needing yarn is pretty clear, what type of yarn do you really need? What material feels best, what’s the best brand, weight, and how does that correspond with the hook size you just picked out?! I go over all of this, in detail, in this post HERE! (How to choose the perfect yarn for your crochet projects!)

3) Darning/ Yarn Needle

darning needle
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While this may not be a tool you will need right away, it is still a good tool to have close by, just in case. When crocheting, some people prefer to sew in the ends with a needle, while others (like me) do just fine with crocheting the ends into our work, or use the hook to hide the ends.

If you would like to use a yarn needle, it’s important to get one with a bigger “Eye” (The hole at the end) to make it easier to weave the yarn through. You can either get a needle in metal or plastic, whatever you prefer! i go over everything you need to know, in depth, in this blog post here: What is a Darning Needle? – A Crochet Beginners Guide

4) Scissors

Nothing fancy is needed here, just something that cuts! You could use regular kitchen scissors, or if you want to keep a smaller pair handy, try these! (*AFF. LINK)

5) Stitch Markers

Again, this is something not really needed in the beginning if you don’t want them, but I wanted to add them in anyway so you’re aware of these really useful tools! I go over everything about stitch markers, such as what they are, how to use them and my recommendation in this post here! (Affiliate link) (Not necessarily needed in the beginning, but really helpful!)

So hopefully this has helped you familiarize yourself with some of the crochet tools I use all the time!

Are there any crochet tools that you can’t live without that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments below and I may include them in a part 2 post!

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