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How to Change Colors in a Granny Square

Granny squares are honestly my favorite things to crochet! It was the only thing I knew how to crochet for a long time, and I’ve made tons of blankets with the pattern!

A while back, I showed you how to make my beloved granny square in a tutorial. (Which you can watch HERE) I also showed you how to switch colors over on my YouTube channel, but I never posted it on my blog! I think it’s time to change that, and update my blog!

It’s honestly super simple to do but you can create some amazing designs with granny squares!

So, if you’d like to see the video tutorial, check it out down below! But if you’d like to see the written/ picture version of my tutorial, keep on reading!

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Changing colors by row:

  1. Tie the yarn in a corner. I usually start where I left off, but you can choose any corner

2. Pull yarn through the corner to create a loop for your hook

3. Ch 3 and crochet as normal!

Now that’s the super simple (and traditional way) to change color in a granny square. But did you know you can also change colors in the middle of a row?! You can create some pretty cool creations this way like my granny square heart pattern from Valentines Day!

I have two methods for how to do this.

Changing colors in the middle of a row

Method 1- Attaching after the chains

  1. Don’t cut the last color you were using. Instead, after you complete your chains, pull the second color through the loop and tie off

2. Insert the hook back into the loop and pull the yarn tight around your hook (You may need to hold the blue string out of the way)

3. Now hold the 1st color (pink) out of the way and pick up your 2nd color string (blue). Pull the 2nd color through the loop and pull your 1st color tightly around the 2nd color.

4. Now begin crocheting your granny square as normal! You should have dropped the 1st color (pink) off of your hook and began crocheting with the 2nd color (blue).

5. Now you can cut the 1st color free and hide the ends in your work!

Method 2- Attaching before the chains

  1. Once you have finished your cluster of 3 DC, pull your 2nd color through your loop and tie it.
  2. Insert your hook back into the loop and pull the 2nd color through (making sure to keep the first color tight and out of the way) Just as before.

3. Continue making your granny square as normal, chaining 2 (or 3, depending on how you make your granny squares)

You should have dropped the 1st color off your hook and now be working with the 2nd color!

Now you can cut the 1st color free and hide within your work.

Hopefully this was easy to understand! It is a lot harder explaining this through pictures than I can through a video. So, if you’re still confused I really recommend watching the video!

Other than that, have fun making your granny squares!

Do you like making granny squares? What was the first thing you ever learned to crochet, or are you still in the process of learning? Let me know in the comments below!

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