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How to Crochet Super Easy Washcloths! (2 Versions!)

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Spring is in full swing here (Currently writing this on my porch in the fading sunshine! Eek!) I’m so excited for these Spring/Summer vibes! I am just so tired of the cold, drab and un-inspiring winter months.

So it’s time to clean out your closet and get rid of the winter and bring on the Spring! And while you’re doing your Spring cleaning, why don’t you try and get creative with it?

To make Spring even more fun, I’ve come up with 2 different patterns for crochet washcloths! (You know I have to DIY everything!)

And I may or may not have a super-secret 3rd pattern only available if you sign up for my email list! (But more about that later 😉 )

For now, if you’re interested in adding a little DIY flair to your Spring cleaning, let’s get on to the patterns!

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Stitches to know (W/ abbreviations)

  • Double crochet – (Dc)
  • Single Crochet – (Sc)
  • Stitch(es) – (St/ sts)
  • Sk – Skip
  • Chain – (Ch)
  • F/O – (Finish off)

Pattern 1- Single Crochet

  • Ch 26
  • Sk first st, sc 25 down the row
  • *Ch 1, turn, sc 25*
  • Repeat* for 20 rows (total)

And that’s it! Seriously, I told you it was easy!

Pattern 2- Double Crochet

  • Ch 26
  • Sk first st, Dc 25 down the row
  • *Ch 3, turn, dc 25*
  • Repeat* for 10 (total)

Boom, another pattern done!

These washcloths work up super quick and they are really cute too!

Now, I mentioned at the beginning that I had another washcloth pattern available as well. I really like this pattern and it is just as easy as the other two, but a lot cooler in my opinion!

Here’s a look at it:

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Get the free pattern here!

Here’s more photos of the patterns:

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