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What Does it Take to Write a Crochet Blog Post?

So, I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who read crochet blogs all the time. I know I do. I’m always looking for a new pattern or technique out there. And the blogs I read are amazing, they look so colorful, neat and have the best photos. And the projects are amazing!

But what actually goes into writing a crochet blog post? It’s a lot more work than you think.

Here’s a behind the scenes of what us bloggers go through!

(It may be different for every blogger, but this is my experience!)

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Coming up with an idea

Duh, right? You may be thinking like, obviously, you have to come up with an idea. How hard can it be? Well, it depends on the day.

Some days you can’t type the words out fast enough with all the ideas you have! And other days you’re sitting around, banging your head on the keyboard hoping the jumbled letters will form a coherent thought. Coming up with a blog post idea can sometimes be the hardest part of the process.

Coming up with the pattern

Once you’ve got the idea for the blog post, the hard part is not done for us! We still have to come up with a pattern for our brand new crochet idea. If you’ve ever tried to come up with your own pattern before, you’ll know how much you’ll rip out your hard work- and your hair.

And don’t forget, whatever idea you’ve come up with there is a 90% chance you won’t have the correct color at home- so you’ll have to go buy it. Which means you’ll likely come home with more ideas- and more yarn than you planned on buying (Which you plan to hide from the husband. Hah!).

Actually writing the pattern out

Now that you’ve got your pattern the way you want it, you have to actually write it in a readable fashion! I refuse to believe I am the only person who writes the pattern out in the messiest way possible, on the nearest napkin or scrap paper I could find or worse- doesn’t even write it out at all! I can’t tell you the number of times I crocheted an entire project out before writing down the pattern- and hoping I’d remember it all!

It can get quite annoying to stop in the middle of your project just to write the pattern down, and with as much frogging as you’ll be doing it makes sense to wait until the end! You just better hope you have a good memory!

Taking Instagram-worthy photos!

On top of actually making the pattern make sense, you have to get good quality photos, for a few different reasons!

-Progress photos to clarify some steps in your pattern. Whenever I create a pattern to sell I include a “beginner-friendly” pattern with tons of pictures and a “printer-friendly version” With minimal to no pictures at all! When you buy one of my patterns, you get both included!

-Pictures to sell your product. When adding a listing to Etsy, you want to stage photos of your work in a way that will make people want to buy them. This also includes photos for your cover image on your blog post and your social medias.

Cue the white/minimalistic background photo shoot! I take tons of photos and it usually takes around 30 minutes for me to finish setting up all my props, get my white board to stand where I want it in the background, get the lighting right and take all the photos! Then, sometimes you still have to edit the photos (unless you’re lucky)

And, the key to getting good photos is using as much natural light as possible so you better hope the day isn’t too overcast or cloudy or you may have to take pictures another day! Bloggers have a limited time to take photos with natural light to make them look the best!

(Are you stressed yet, because I am just writing about it!)

Getting testers for your pattern

Now, this is a can of worms even I have yet to open, (but will be with my next pattern!) So who knows what this step could have in store! But I think I have a pretty good idea of what happens.

Once the pattern is finalized the way you want it, you post on social media asking for testers, weed out the ones you think won’t do and email the pattern to your selected few. Now you have to communicate with the testers, answer any questions, collect their notes and photos (if they’ve included any) and change whatever needs to be changed in the pattern! Which can mean a number of things!

You may have to re-write part of the pattern, which may result in having to re-test your pattern (for the millionth time) and re-take any corresponding photos that might have changed (see the last step for the pain-in-the-butt that can be!)

Drafting The final draft

At this point, you should be able to draft your final cut of the pattern! Now that you’ll have your Etsy versions (Beginner and printer-friendly) you still need your blog post version! I write all of my drafts in GoogleDocs so I have a backup of all my blog posts in case something were to happen to my blog. So, I’ll finalize the google docs version to have the latest changes and then copy and paste into my blogs doc. Now you have to format everything the way it should be in your blog, create your cover photo, add any links you may want to include and schedule out your post!

You’d think that’d be it right? Hah! You’re not done yet!

Video Tutorial

Now, if you’re like me I LOVE recording videos. I like to add videos to some of my tutorials. Which is a lot more work that I add to my ever- full plate. But, it’s fun. And it puts my work on one more platform. The more exposure- the better!

Making videos also requires a clean set up and natural light, as much as possible. (Which means you may have a limited time to make videos as well, depending on the quality of lights you may have at home) After recording you making and explaining your pattern on camera, now you have to edit it. Then you have to export it and upload it to YouTube. Its a huge waiting game with video editing. Waiting for the video to download onto your computer from your phone, then uploading it into the editing software, editing it, exporting it from the editing software and uploading to YouTube (which takes forever)

Editing is one of my least favorite things in the world. It puts me to sleep. I add music, cut out parts I’ve stumbled over my words, add an end screen, and after 100 years and it’s been uploaded to Youtube, I add the cover photo I created and don’t forget to add the description, tags and everything else to ensure your video will be found! Just another one of the many hats I wear as a blogger!

Schedule it out and you’re good to go!

Now you think you MUST be done right? Nah, you’re still not off the hook yet!

Social Media

Remember all of the photos you took a while ago? Now it’s time to put them to good use! Once your blog post is scheduled out, you have to actually get the word out about it!

I know lots of people will post pictures of half-finished items to tease the pattern before its actually out. It’s a good strategy. Gets people excited before the pattern actually releases!

After some teases, I boot up my favorite editing software, Canva, and drop all my finished photos into the templates I have made and save them to my computer! It takes more time than you’d think. I create two for Pinterest (Like the one at the top of this post) and use that picture for Facebook and Twitter as well, then create 2 separate ones for Instagram.

Sometimes, if I’m posting a video I also like to create a 60-second video to post to Instagram as well (more video editing. Fun.)

Now I head to the website where I schedule out all of my social media posts so they will go out automatically throughout the week to promote my post! And Pinterest I have to do manually since I have the free version of the website (It’s called Buffer).

You could also post your testers photos as well, just for more publicity


Are you done yet? NOPE. Now you have to post your pattern out on Etsy/ Ravelry. Upload your photos, create a description, come up with a price, add your tags and categories so you can be found… All the things. It takes a while to be honest.

Okay. So now that you’ve done all of that, what ELSE could there possibly be?! Actually… nothing. For this post. Don’t forget I post twice a week! Now that you’re done, it’s time to do it all over again for the next pattern/post!


Now isn’t that crazy!? Honestly, until I wrote everything out like this I never really realized just HOW MUCH WORK goes into these posts. It’s daunting looking at it like this but honestly, once you’re doing it’s not so bad. You just have to focus on one step at a time and you get to the end eventually. Plus, I love 99% of what I do. So, it’s fun and I don’t mind it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! If you’d like to see more posts like this, I’d be happy to post them! Let me know in the comments below,

Do you think you could be a blogger? Have you ever considered it?

I have tons of tips and tricks I’d love to share if anyone was actually interested in it! Let me know down below!

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