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How to Crochet an Easter Bunny Applique!

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Spring is in full swing here in Michigan! (Currently downing in all the rain!) And that means Easter is fast approaching!

Whether you have little kids that still look for Easter baskets, your little’s have flown the coup and have their own little’s or you’re in that awkward “You’re too old to be looking for Easter baskets and eggs” stage like me (I know…. Shed some tears for our lost childhood years!) Easter is still fun to celebrate!

Chocolate bunnies, candy, Easter egg dyeing, it’s all so much fun!

This year, since the only way I’ll be hunting for eggs is hiding them around my own house, I’ve decided to come up with this cute Easter bunny crochet pattern instead!

It would be perfect to tie onto the kids Easter baskets as an added gift, or make a bunch of them and hang them up as a garland decoration! Whatever you decide to do with it, I can’t get enough of this cute little pattern!

If you’d like the Ad-free, portable PDF version (So that you can take the pattern with you anywhere!) it is available on my Etsy for download!

Happy hooking!

Don’t forgot to pin me for easy access later!


Stitches to know (W/ abbreviations)

  • Magic Circle (Optional)
  • Double crochet – (Dc)
  • Half Double crochet – (HDC)
  • Single Crochet – (Sc)
  • Slip Stitch – (Sl St)
  • Stitch(es) – (St/ sts)
  • Sk – Skip
  • Chain – (Ch)
  • F/O – (Finish off)


Beginners START HERE: ch 2, 12 DC in first st, sl st into first st of round

More advanced START HERE: magic circle, ch 3, DC 11 into center hole, sl st into first st of round


Ch 3, dc 1 (In same st)

dc 2 in each st around (24 in total), Sl st in first ch 3 to complete round

Ch 2, hdc in next 3 sts , ch 2, sl st into last hdc st

sl st in next 11 sts *In same st* *Ch 3, dc 2, hdc 1*,

*ch 5, (Back down ch) Sk 1st st, hdc 1, dc in next 2 sts, hdc 1, sl st back into hdc st*

*Repeat for other ear*

Sl st in next 6 sts

Sl st into next st, *In same st* sc, dc 2, hdc, sl st,

Sl st into last 2 sts, F/O

Remember, if you’re interested in supporting me and buying the AD-Free PDF version of the pattern, you can buy it here on my Etsy! Thank you for anyone who buys it!

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