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How to Keep your Edges Straight in Crochet!

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One big problem for beginner crocheters (Let’s be real, all crocheters) is keeping the edges straight when you crochet in a line! So what’s the problem? And how do you fix it?

Today I’ll go over the best way to keep your edges straight and tips on how to fix it!

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Count your stitches

Yes, I know. How annoying is this to hear? Who wants to count each stitch that they crochet? Especially if you’re crocheting something rather large, like an afghan or blanket.

Anything could make you lose count! The kids are home, the T.V is on, the dog barks, the hubby thinks it’s funny to yell out random numbers while you’re in the middle of your row…. Anything really.

But, it is really important to keep track. If you don’t, you could run into issues like

  • Putting two stitches into the same space. Not realizing will make you have too many stitches!
  • You missed a space, making you have fewer stitches than you need!
  • You put the first stitch in the wrong place! Not counting the turning chain as a stitch is a common mistake!
  • You missed the last stitch! Again, another common mistake! It could be very easy to miss the last stitch as it looks slightly different than the rest!

So what can you do to keep track and avoid these easily fixable mistakes?

Use tally marks

This can be an easy way to keep track, just simply having a piece of paper next to you and writing a tally mark when you get to every 5, 10, or 20 stitch mark, depending on how big whatever your crocheting may be (and how many tally marks you feel like making!)

Problems with this method: You still could lose count of your stitches. It also could get quite annoying to stop your momentum and write a tally mark constantly!

Use stitch markers

You could also use stitch markers as “real-world” tally marks. Place them every 5, 10, or 20 stitches, again depending on how big whatever it is you’re crocheting. It may be even a good idea to just place a stitch marker in the very last stitch so you know where to stop!

Problems with this method: Stitch markers have the potential to fall out, making you lose your count anyway!

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Get an electronic stitch marker

Whaaat? I know, right! Do they have those?! Yes!

What’s an electronic stitch marker? It’s a small machine that you can stick on your finger and press a button which will count your stitches for you! This is a great little tool I see lots of people in the crochet world using!

Problems with this method: Uh… none? You have no excuse to yell at your very annoying husband for making you lose count? I guess that’s kind of annoying! 🙂

Honestly, the best way to make sure you’re crocheting correctly is to count your stitches no matter what method you use!

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