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March is National Crochet Month!

Hooray! March is here! You know what that means right? It’s National Crochet Month!

What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? It’s only like the best holiday, right after Christmas of course!

Okay, maybe it’s not super celebrated by the whole world, but us crocheters are very excited for what the month will bring!

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What is National Crochet Month?

National Crochet Month (or NCA for short!) was started many years ago by the Crochet Guild of America (or CGOA for short!). the purpose was to “promote the art of crochet and engage enthusiasts and master crocheters alike”.

So, basically, if that didn’t make any sense to you, its a whole month dedicated to crochet created by a group of people who love crochet! Its to spread the word about the hobby, and encourage those of us who do it to keep on keeping on!

Pretty cool right?

So how can you participate?

A few ways are,

  • Teach someone how to crochet
  • Share your work on social media sites
  • Participate in Instagram challenges

I, personally, am participating the in #Hookedonyarn instagram challenge

Its run by Pia (Stitches n Scraps) and Marie (Underground Crafter) and Marly Bird  (The Marly Bird) Three individuals you should be following on instagram! (And if you’re not, go do it!)

And basically, they have come up with a prompt for each day in March. Post a picture, with an appropriate caption and hastag it #hookedonyarn and boom! You’re participating! Its really pretty easy.

I could explain it in more detail, but honestly the makers will probably do it better!

Check out the details here!

Follow my ig challenge here!

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