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How to Crochet a Valentine’s Day Heart

Valentines Day is coming up! Are you prepared?! I’m gearing up all my Valentines Day crochet, setting up my Pinterest for the hearts and flowers and breaking out my red and white crochet yarn!

And today, I take that yarn and have created this small crochet heart for you!

A whopping 1 1/2 inches in size, this heart is so easy to make and really cute! Perfect for an embellishment to your crochet blankets, or any other work that you have!

Let’s get started!

Want a video tutorial? Check it out here!

Valentine's Day heart crochet
Don’t forget to pin me for easy access later!


  • Yarn (I’m using Redheart yarn in the color blue)
  • A crochet hook (Doesn’t really matter what size, however, I am using a size G)
  • (Optional) a needle to weave in ends


  • Create a magic circle (Never done one before? Check this video out!)
  • Chain 3
  • 3 triple crochet (Don’t know how to do that? Check this video out!)
  • 3 double crochet
  • 1 triple crochet
  • 3 double crochet
  • 3 Triple Crochet
  • Slip Stitch


Wait… really? That’s it? No, really! That’s literally all you need to make this cute little heart! Pretty cool right? Remember, if you want a video tutorial- check it out right here! (Link)

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