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Sign Up for my Beginner Crochet Course + Giveaway!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! Today I have very exciting news for you all! After many (many, many, MANY to Infinity and beyond) fails, tears, and frustrating months of hard work… I think I have got it! I have figured out the enigma that is an email list! And while I could bore you all with the details of my struggles, I won’t. Because that’s not what I’m here for! I’m here to tell you about my email list, and this awesome giveaway I have planned!

What is an Email List?

When you sign up for my email list, you’re basically giving me permission to email you important things. It’s like giving a friend a phone number. And, me personally, I don’t give out my phone number to just anybody. I only give phone numbers out to important people, so I understand when you give me your email that it is very important and I promise to treat it as such. I will only send important things, and never spam!

What is my Beginner Crochet Basics

My Beginner Crochet Basics Challenge (Or BCB for short!) is a 7-day email series packed with lots of tips, tricks, and videos to help you learn the basics of crochet!

I send you carefully chosen posts that help you understand everything you need to know before you pick up a hook, I also send out videos of basic stitches and challenge you to get them down before I send out the next video! In the end, I’ll show you how to make a simple granny square!

Are you up for the challenge? Sign up here!

You Mentioned a Giveaway…?


Yes, I did! How could I forget? (Just kidding, I didn’t forget!)

When you sign up for my email list (or if you’re already signed up, there are some of you!) You’re automatically entered into a giveaway!

There will be a first and a second place winner,

Second place will receive a $25 Gift Card to a craft store of your choice! (JoAnns, Michales, Hobby Lobby… whichever one is more convenient for you to get to!)

And first place will receive a $50 Gift Card to a craft store of their choice!

The winners will be chosen at random and notified by email! The only requirement is that you’re signed up for my email list!

The giveaway will last for a month, and then be closed to new entrants. Depending on how well this giveaway goes, I may bring it back in the future!

If for some reason, you don’t want to be entered in the giveaway, feel free to email me and I’ll remove your name from the drawing (but not my email list altogether!)

Sound like a plan? Sign up now!

Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

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