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5 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Started Crocheting!

I’ve been crocheting for many years now, so I wouldn’t exactly put myself in the “beginner” category of crochet. (That doesn’t mean I would put myself in the “expert” crochet category either though- because there is no such thing in my book!) But, as I’ve learned, I’ve also made mistakes (haven’t we all?)

So, I was thinking, if I could, what tips and tricks would I go back and tell my beginner self? And, as it turns out, there are actually 5 things I wish I someone would have told me when I started crocheting. And I’m here to share them with you!

1) Crochet is not just for Grandmas!

I used to be embarrassed to tell people I crocheted when I was younger. I started out when I was around 7. But in High School, I rarely told people I could crochet! I was always worried I would get made fun of for being “like a grandma.”

But, I noticed as I got older or just by telling the few people I did trust with my “secret” that the majority of people thought it was really cool. Most of them told me they had either tried it themselves, or the bigger portion of people begged me to teach them!

I did try teaching a few friends, but only one friend I taught latched onto it and actually stuck with it! Which was a nice surprise! (I’m actually planning on doing a big crafting show with her in the summer!)

Crochet is another form of crafting, and crafting is for everybody right? Who said creativity was limited to the young or old?

2) Learning to read a pattern may be hard and annoying, but it’s well worth it!

I know a lot of people who have just started to learn crochet are really intimidated by the fact that they don’t know how to read a pattern. And while learning anything new can be a bit daunting, there are many helpful websites and tips out there to help you along.

A pattern is a really helpful tool and while you don’t need to know how to read a pattern to be good at crochet (Just check out YouTube for video tutorials!) You will however be missing out on a lot of crochet if you don’t know how to read one! (But still don’t stress if you can’t just yet!)

3) There is more to crochet than just granny squares!

For years after I first learned to crochet, I would do nothing but granny squares. I did them because I loved them, but they were also all I knew how to do. I wasn’t really aware of how much you could make out of some yarn and a hook.

Until I stumbled upon YouTube. The wonderful online world of YouTube. I realized the world of crochet was simply a limit to your imagination. A hook and some yarn could create some amazing things if you worked hard enough! Everything is on YouTube, from mini crochet food to clothes, hats- literally anything!

4) You will always have more yarn than you know what to do with- and still buy more.

I don’t care HOW much yarn you have. You will always need more. It’s like crocheting is one addiction, and hoarding the supplies is another! I guarantee you will come up with a project from scrolling through Pinterest and guess what? It turns out you don’t have the color you want! (All those clothes in your closet yet nothing to wear? Time to go buy more!)

Off to the craft store you go!

Then, you’ll get there and find that there’s this beautiful pink that is just half a shade darker than the three you already have at home- you have to get it! You just have to! Suddenly, you’re walking out of the store with $40 (minimum) of yarn when you came for just one color! It’s like walking into Target for toilet paper and coming out with a week’s worth of groceries and a swimsuit you’ll never fit into by summertime (even though it’s the middle of winter!) Trust me, just ask a crafter.

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5) You have one trusty hook, no matter how many you have!

Is this just me? I have ONE hook that I use for every single crochet project. Even though I have kits like these I just can’t use any other hook! And if I lose this one hook, my crocheting days are over! Do you know what this hook and I have been through?! All the times we shared, hours we spent working together and the projects we’ve made?! It’s like my best coworker, an extension of me! I can’t just… get a new one?! Okay, maybe that’s a tad bit dramatic, but you get my point!

These 5 things I wish I someone would have told me when I started crocheting are honestly some good advice (and warning signs) to my younger self, and to all of you who are just starting to learn how to crochet!

Crochet is a wonderful craft and hobby to learn, its become an addiction in my life and I am so happy I started learning at such a young age!

You’re Turn! Do you have any tips, tricks or advice for people just starting out on learning crochet? Let me know in the comments below!

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