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How to Choose the Perfect Crochet Hook for Beginners!

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So you’ve decided to pick up and learn the art of crochet huh? (It really is it’s own form of art!) And, let me guess, you’ve stumbled upon crochet somewhere online. A blog, YouTube, Pinterest… Maybe your Grandma or Mom knew how to crochet and you’ve always wanted to learn- whatever the case may be. You probably got all fired up to learn this new skill and ran (drove) to the nearest craft store to pick out supplies!

…And then you find the crochet section. What the heck are you even looking for?!

Now tell me that doesn’t look intimidating! And… that’s just one aisle! Not to mention when you hit the crochet hook section! Do you need two hooks? The one as big as your arm or the one so small you’re not even sure how to hold it?

If this is you, don’t panic! I promise it really is more simple than it looks. So today, I am going to go over everything you need to know about crochet hooks- what the different sizes mean, the different materials that they are made out of, and which ones I prefer (along with a product recommendation!)

So buckle down, and get ready to learn!

How to Choose the Perfect Crochet Hook for Beginners!

How to choose the perfect crochet hook for beginners
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What do the hook sizes mean?

Different size hooks

So one of the first things you may notice about crochet hooks, is they come in a variety of sizes. Some are (literally) as big as my wrist, and others can get as small as a sewing needle. What are these sizes for?

Well, the crochet hook size corresponds to the thickness of the yarn you choose to buy (Which I will be going over in another post!)

So, for the huge size, the yarn will also be really big and for the needle-size hook, the yarn is going to be really tiny. Of course, there are some more common “normal” size crochet hooks for the more common “normal” size yarn. (I say “normal” because everyone’s “normal” is different! But what I mean is the more commonly produced and used yarn!)

How do I know which size hook I need?!

This question can be answered very simply, it depends.

Let’s say you’re following a crochet tutorial or pattern, it’s likely the pattern (or person) will tell you exactly what size hook they are using so there isn’t any confusion.

And if you’re creating your own pattern or making your own project? What about then? How do you know what hook to use?

Just check out the label on the yarn you choose! It will be on there, although it may be hard to find at first (Google may help with this process, hah) The yarn weight and crochet hook size correspond to each other, as mentioned before.

What materials are the hooks made out of?

Different material hooks

The most common materials hooks are made out of (That I know of and have personally used) are metal, wood, and plastic. I haven’t actually used a wood hook before, so I can’t give much of a review on it but it’s all up to preference anyway. My personal favorite is the metal hook over plastic because I just think it feels better. It may sound crazy, but to me, the yarn slides better over the metal and I can crochet faster.

Maybe that’s true because of the material of the hook or maybe it’s because I’ve been using the same crochet hook since I started learning and I’m biased because it’s my favorite. Either way, I’m partial to the metal hook but wood or plastic hooks work just as well 🙂 !

My Recommendation?

Obviously, I would recommend the metal hooks, but how about which hooks I think you should buy in general? Should you buy individual hooks? Or how about hooks that come in a pack?

Personally, I recommend buying a pack of hooks because you never really know what size hook you may need for a project, and the size matters in this case! If you buy an individual hook, you won’t be able to do any projects outside of that one hooks size, although that is alright if you’re just starting out. The pack of hooks that I recommend? I think it’s pretty sweet, I got it for a Christmas present one year and I use it all the time! It even comes with a cute felt pack to hold your hooks in!

As you can see, it comes with many different (metal) size hooks! My go-to hook size is a size G but this pack ranges from a D-K.

And that’s about it! That’s pretty much all you need to know about crochet hooks! I hope this post has helped you figure out what hook you need to get to start your crochet projects! Stay tuned for more beginner crochet tips!

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