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5 Super Helpful Tips For Every Beginner Crocheter!

Hey guys and welcome to my blog! And also, Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season treated you well! 🙂

For many people, the New Year always brings on lots of change and trying to better yourself for the new year. This might mean eating healthy, starting a new diet, going to the gym… all the “usual” New Years resolutions.

But one of your resolutions may have been to pick up a new hobby, and if this new hobby happens to be crochet- well, you’ve basically stumbled upon the jackpot. Both with this post and just my blog in general 🙂

Because today ladies and germs, I’m going to be giving you

5 Super Helpful Tips For Every Beginner Crocheter!

5 Super Helpful tips for every beginner crocheter
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1) There is no such thing as a “wrong way” to crochet

I’ve heard some people get made fun of because they say the word “skein” weird or hold their crochet hook in a different way. Like, seriously get ridiculed. What?!

You wouldn’t make fun of someone’s accent, would you? And what’s wrong with someone holding the hook in a way that’s comfortable for them?

Everyone has their own way to do things, and nothing is wrong with that. If its comfortable and works for you, then it is the correct way.

2) Mistakes will happen- it does not mean you have failed

Frogging (Which is a funny way of saying tearing out all or some of your hard work) is NORMAL. Even the most “advanced” crocheter (whatever that means) will have to rip out there work from time to time. It happens. It’s called learning, not failing.

3) Everyone is basically a beginner

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been crocheting, how much you think you know or how fast you can crochet. There are always thousands of new patterns to learn or create yourself. At most, there may be such thing as “intermediate crocheter”. I would describe this person as someone who can read and/or create patterns, and is pretty quick with a hook. But trust me– they are just barely above beginner! Nobody is advanced (In my opinion at least!)

4) You can still be excellent at crochet without knowing how to read a pattern

I know lots of people freak out or get discouraged when they can’t read a pattern and, while you are likely to miss out on a big portion of crochet projects- do not fret. Go to YouTube and look up any crochet thing you can think of- it’s almost guaranteed that there is a video tutorial for practically everything on crochet. You don’t need to read a pattern to crochet! (But it still is a valuable skill to know!)

5) Not perfect IS perfect!

This kinda goes on with the first point of there is no “wrong way” to crochet. There is no such thing as a perfect pattern in crochet. Every pattern could be improved on (You know why? Because everybody’s a beginner! Get my point here?)

There will likely be mistakes in every project you make (And you’ll only realize after a few rows have been done 🙂 ) But that’s okay. The way I look at it is- This is a homemade project. It was made with love. It has mistakes, but that’s okay. Because it wasn’t made by a machine- it was made by hand!

So if you spot a mistake in your crochet and you don’t really feel like ripping all of your work out, just keep going! The mistake will likely get lost in the shuffle (Depending on how noticeable it is!) And if you’re making something as a gift, the person receiving your lovely handmade item will likely not be looking for mistakes in your work- especially if they don’t even know how to crochet!

Do you have any tips for beginners? Are you a beginner yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “5 Super Helpful Tips For Every Beginner Crocheter!

  1. I really love this one. Being a crocheter myself I always enjoy reading other tips. Even though I’m not a begginer I can find some great tips I just never thought of. Great read and I will definitely pin it 😍

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