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How To Make An Easy Crochet Weather Blanket!

The last day of 2018! Can you believe the year has flown by this fast?! 2018 was an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me and my blog!

Now, on to the crochet!

How to crochet a Temperature Blanket! Blog:
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This year I decided to take on a new project. I’m not sure if I will even continue with it (I get super busy!) but for now, this is my goal. I want to create a weather/mood crochet blanket.

What is a Weather Crochet Blanket?

A weather blanket is a crochet project started at the beginning of the new year. The blanket is made up of small granny squares (Or whatever way you feel like making it) for each day of the year, and the color coordinates to how hot/cold it was in the day that year. Then, at the end of the year, you stitch all of your squares together into a nice blanket, and that’s it!

What is a Mood Crochet Blanket?

A crochet mood blanket is basically the same thing as a weather blanket, except a square of color coordinates with your mood instead of a temperature of the day. So you can just pick out a color to match what mood you were feeling! It’s simple!

How can I start one?

I have never personally done one of these before, but I found the idea interesting. Here is the steps I am going to take to start my blanket this year!

The Planning Stage

1. Decide what colors will coordinate for what temperature. The variety in temperature will vary on where you live, of course. So for me, in Michigan, temperatures can get below 0 so my chart would look something like this;

And if you’re doing a mood blanket, you could go with this guide!

Of course, there are tons of other moods you could add, take away or change the colors too!

2. Once you’ve picked out the colors, now would be a good idea to think about the scale of the blanket, and how you’ll lay it out . How many rows do you want to have in each individual granny square? How do you want to stitch them together? And how many squares do you want for the overall blanket? It may be a good idea to lay it out on paper, and it will take some math to figure out. 

Tip #1: Not sure how big the blanket will be? Create a small mock-up granny square as a gauge, using the size hook and yarn weight you want, then measure how big it is. Then you could decide how many you want in the row, or if you need to make your squares bigger or smaller to get the overall size you want for the blanket.

Tip #2: Don’t forget that you also have to stitch the squares together, and that will add some size to it!

Start Making!

Crochet your squares

Once you’re done with the planning stage, it’s time to start doing! Pay attention to the weather each day and record it. You can do a square a day, or do seven at the end of the week! It’s all really up to how much time you have in a day. It may be best to do one right before bed when you’re laying down or wait til a day off and knock out a couple from the days before! Better to not get behind though! Don’t want to realize 2019 is almost over and you’re still trying to crochet August temperatures!

Stitch them together

You can do this in any way that you want. You don’t have to crochet all 365 squares and start stitching them together frantically in the last month. In fact, I recommend you don’t do that. It may be a good idea to space out the crochet and the stitching together so you don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Maybe stitch them out week by week, or month by month.

Tip #3: Don’t get each day confused! Try labeling each square with the date. A paper clip or baby clip with a small paper attached with the date! Keep the small squares in a shoe box to make sure you don’t lose any!

Enjoy your blanket!

And that’s all you need to do to finish your weather (or mood!) blanket! It’s a pretty simple process, but of course it will take a whole year!

Happy New Year!

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