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10+ DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Projects

Hey guys! Today I have a great post for you! (Don’t I always?!) Today we’re going to be looking at Dollar Store crafts! I love making these posts, because it gives me lots of great ideas to try in my budget and you guys really seem to love them as well! So here it is-

10+ DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Projects

1) Shell Mirror

Mirror Dollar store crafts Shell Mirror

2) Beaded Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror | DIY Stuff

3) Compact Mirrors

23 Stylish DIY Projects That Only Require Items From The Dollar Store

4) Faux Floral Mirror

Want to make a spring or summer wreath? Click through to find out how to make this pink floral wreath for less than $10! Would be really cute for baby shower or bridal shower decorations!

5) Beaded Mirror

Glass beads dollar store dresser mirror made with dollar store items by

6) Mirror Stand

Dollar store mirrors and candlesticks to make a beautiful (and cheap!) cupcake stand =)

7) Mirror hook

Combine dollar store mirrors and cute knobs to make your own decorative necklace hangers.

8) Mirror Boxes

DIY Mirror Boxes DIY Dollar Store crafts & Decorating ideas

9) Starburst mirror

DIY Dollar-Store Starburst Mirror

10) Polka Dot Mirror

easy you can do it diy framed mirror from a dollar store mirror and wood!

11) Artsy Mirror

Glue random small items together, spray paint all one color and attach to mirror. Perfect #Goodwill project, and would look cool in a bright color for kids using dinosaurs or other small toys.

12) Chip Clip Mirror

clothespin sunburst ....I think this spray painted in glossy white would look kinda cool// I love this! and good idea in painting it white...

There is so many great ideas that you can get from the Dollar Store! Isn’t it crazy that some people would buy these mirror from Target or something for $20-$30 when you can just do a little DIY for a lot less money and a lot more fun?! That’s all I have for you for 10+ Dollar Store Mirror Crafts. If you liked this post, check out other Dollar store posts I’ve done such as 10 Ways to Use Picture Frames!

Other than that, have a great rest of your day!

If you missed out on my last post, Why Fall is My Favorite Season! , go here to check it out! And come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more!



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