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How to Crochet a Christmas Snowman Easy (Video + Etsy Pattern)

Hey guys! Today I have for you this cute crochet snowman ornament pattern! However, instead of giving you the pattern on my blog, I am introducing my first ever paid pattern!

Normally I like to give out my patterns and tutorials for free, but this pattern I worked really hard on, and if you didn’t know, I just opened my Etsy shop! (Interested in a 10% off Black Friday coupon? Sign up for my email list- I’m offering them here!)

But, because I love you guys so much, I have also recorded a video for this pattern, which you can watch on YouTube for free! I know this may seem silly to offer a paid pattern with a free video tutorial and maybe it is. But I know a lot of crafters do this and it works for them so, hey, I’ll try it as well!

Here is the video if you are interested:

Check out what it the finished product like!


If you’re interested in the paid pattern however, let me tell you what I include with it!

*Clears throat* *Insert sales woman voice here* hah

Okay, but seriously I have worked super hard to make sure this pattern is as easy to understand as possible! I give out two PDF versions (No strings attached, no extra charge) for one purchase of the pattern!

I have made one PDF version beginner friendly- it includes instructional pictures to show you exactly what stitch I’m talking about, what each round looks like when you’re finished and what stitches you should be working in! I also tell you what abbreviations I use in the pattern (So you don’t get confused) and anything else you will need to know! So if you have never read a pattern before or you are a total beginner– this is the best pattern you could pick up and try for your first one!

Also, if you are a “seasoned veteran of crochet” and can read a pattern with little to no help at all, or if you have done the pattern multiple times and no longer need the instructional pictures, I also include a “Printer-friendly” version with minimal pictures (In this case there are two) so that you can print it out with less ink and take it with you anywhere!

Pretty cool right?

I’ve taken as much of your guy’s needs into account while making my first ever paid pattern! And this will also help me improve on all of the free patterns I post on here as well, since I have been doing research on how to improve!

And to make this deal even better? To new email subscribers (To anyone who was already signed up for my email list will automatically get one! Don’t worry 🙂 ) I’m offering a 10% off coupon to everything in my Etsy store just for signing up to my email list!

Plus when you sign up you’ll get new emails every week about the things I post, new Etsy listings and any new coupons I give out! This coupon is active all the way until Christmas, (Christmas gifts anyone?!) so there is plenty of time to use it! It will also apply to any other listings I post from now until then, so even if you don’t see anything you like now- claim it anyway because you might see something later! (plus it would just make me happy, all the more reason to do it! 🙂 )

I hope you will at least check out the pattern for me and give it a chance! I hope you enjoy it as I have put hours of work into this (and still have hours more to go!)

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!

(Remember if you aren’t interested in buying a written version, I have the free video tutorial as well!)

And click here for the paid pattern if you’re interested!

Does a 10% off coupon sound interesting? Click here to claim!

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