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Dollar Store craft- cheap DIY of a Thanksgiving sign

Hey guys! Today for you I have this awesome Thanksgiving craft! I was walking around the Dollar Store one day, looking for something totally unrelated to this project I’m about to show you, and I started to get really excited seeing all of the Christmas decor out!

Naturally, my creative instincts started kicking in as I scanned the shelves of sparkly green and red. I managed to contain myself though, as it’s too early to start buying up Christmas stuff at the moment (But not too early to think about it! I have to plan ahead!)

Well, I made my way out of the Christmas section and something else caught my eye:

Thanksgiving sign craft

It was sparkly (My weakness!) but plain enough that I knew it could use some DIY lovin’! So I grabbed some leaves (conveniently placed next to the sign) and I was sold! Let’s take a look at what I did!

Dollar Store DIY of a Thanksgiving sign! I also have a free turkey printable for you to download and receive straight to your inbox! Click through to check it out now!
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  • Thanksgiving sign (Dollar Store)
  • Leaves (dollar store)
  • Turkey cutout printable (Grab yours here!)
  • Glue (I used hot glue and Elmer’s)
  • Scissors

For the printable you will need

  • 4 different color felt for feathers (I bought green, orange, yellow and red)
  • Brown for the body/ head (I bought dark brown for the body and light brown for the head. You can use the same felt if you want)
  • A thicker foam/ felt to stick everything on (To keep it from flopping over)
  • I got all of these felt pieces, and foam, for 89 cents at JoAnn’s!

First, cut out your printable template.


Then, trace the cutout on the felt and cut out each piece. Elmer’s glue them together. Then take your thicker felt/foam piece and trace, then cutout the foam. I recommend cutting out the foam a little bit smaller so that it isn’t visible from the front. Glue the foam to your felt. This will keep your felt from flopping over when you glue it to the sign.


Now just add the leaves how you want, hot glue the turkey on and you’re done!



This is a cheap, easy and quick project and I had tons of fun making it!

Did you try out this Dollar Store tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!

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Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around for more!

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