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Why Fall is My Favorite Season! (And Why it’s Not!)

If you couldn’t tell by all the previous blog posts last month, I love Fall! It’s my favorite time of the year! And here’s why;

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1) The weather

Hoodie season is always the best season! Where it is slightly chilly and finally acceptable to be warm and snuggled in either a blanket or hoodie. (I’m notorious for wearing blankets year-round- no matter the weather. Just ask my fiancé!) I’m not a fan of too hot or too cold so the temperature is just right for me! You finally get to cool off from that summer heat!

2) The atmosphere

The Fall season just has this…. Relaxed and cozy atmosphere around it. With the pretty trees and falling leaves that crunch under your feet wherever you walk. The pumpkins and stores decorated for fall or Halloween (Really, what’s the difference?) Everyone is in cozy sweaters drinking warm drinks and excited because …well… its Fall!

3) So much more to do

During the summer, there really isn’t a whole lot to do. I mean there is, school is out so you can go where you want and do what you want and there is 4th of July. You can go to beaches or clubs because you don’t have to worry about school early the next morning but you do all of those things either with yourself or a small group of friends. In Fall you can participate in something that the whole community is celebrating.

Halloween is here, picking out your costume, going out and getting candy from all the neighbors or going to parties. You can decorate your house or just drive around and look at all the amazing decorations (Link your Oct 31st post) everyone else has put up! Movies on T.V fit the holiday spirit. Going to cider mills with candy apples, cider and doughnuts. Going to a pumpkins patch and picking out the best pumpkin there, then going home and carving it or just decorate it with amazing designs! Your imagination is the limit!

Then you have a whole ‘nother holiday right around the corner- Thanksgiving! Plenty of food and seeing family you haven’t seen in a while. And who wouldn’t love a lot of good food and family gatherings?!

Fall is like a whole big holiday celebration over more than just one day!

Now with all positive things comes some negative ones too. Here is all of the things I don’t like about Fall!

1) Bugs!

With the fall season, it brings a lot of unwanted guests with it. Like bugs. More specifically bees. I. Hate. Bees. I know people say they are good for flowers and things and we should protect them at all costs and don’t get me wrong- I am all for that. Pretty flowers for the win! However! Bees sting. They hurt. I don’t like pain. I don’t like the idea that I can just walk outside, walk by a bee and get stung. Now I know that’s not how it works and they have to be provoked and they aren’t just going to sting you just because they feel like it. But I already have the knowledge in my head that they have the potential to sting me, which in turn, causes me to freak out. Which could rile them up. To sting me. See my problem here?

Now it’s not just bees I don’t like, I’m not a fan of flies either. Those guys are just annoying as all hell. Plus, if you don’t see them and just hear a buzz, guess what you could mistake them for? A bee! Which would make me freak out, another issue with bugs.

2) Rain

With the fall comes lots and lots of crazy weather (In Michigan at least!) Rain, wind, cold… Not something I’m interested in. Plus, with the cold brings me the knowledge that winter is coming soon! And snow is the WORST!

There’s honestly not a lot that I can think of for what’s bad will Fall… it’s just awesome! So what’s your favorite/least favorite part of Fall? Or, if Fall isn’t your favorite season, what is? Let me know in the comments section below! Also, check out my socials below as well!

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Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around for more!

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