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DIY Dollar Store Craft- Solo Cup Pumpkin

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Today I have a silly post for you guys. So I was walking around the Dollar Store (My favorite craft outlet) and my eye caught these orange solo cups. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I had never seen any orange ones before! (Red Solo Cup starts playing in my head. Anyone else know that song?) And my creative brain got an idea for them! So, I bought them! And here’s the result:

Dollar Store Craft- Solo Cup Pumpkin


  • Orange solo cup (Click the link if you haven’t seen these before and would like to try out this craft! I found the smallest, cheapest pack I could to recommenced but it’s not like you couldn’t use these cups anyway, they never go bad!)
  • Black permanent marker (Also could use black paint if you wanted)

Then you simple just draw any face you want on the side of the cup!

dollar tree solo cup pumpkin

I started out just drawing the eye along the shape of the groove of the cup to make it easier on myself.


Isn’t it cute?! Okay, maybe not but I tried my best! Here’s my second shot at it;

orange solo cup pumpkin

Maybe better? Hmm how about a side by side comparison?

orange solo cup pumpkin

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to try this yourself! (If you want to try this craft but don’t have the cups available you can buy a pack of 20 here. Not the Dollar Store price sadly, but it isn’t like the cups aren’t usable!) And let me see your creations as well! Post a picture of your work on social media and feel free to tag me in it! I’d love to see some work! All my socials are down below! Thanks for reading and see you next time! (Don’t forget to pin the image for later!)

If you missed out on my last post, Easy Halloween Treats to Make With Kids! , go here to check it out! And come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more!

dollar store orange Diy Pumpkin



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