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Email Lists- What it is & Subscribe to Mine!

Hey guys so today I’m here to talk to you about some of that exciting news! I’m getting an email list! I’ll explain a bit about what it is, and what you can expect to see in mine!

What is an email list?

An email list is basically something that bloggers use. It’s a list of people who subscribe to them (Their email list) which consents the blogger to send emails to you… in the most confusing, basic terms I can manage to say hah. It’s a way for bloggers to connect to their most engaged readers directly. I’m sure a more technical/ experienced blogger could give you a more in-depth description of email lists!

How can my email list benefit you?

If you choose to subscribe to my email list you get access to a whole list of awesome, new, and never seen before stuff. For example, some things I have planned for my email list newsletter are;

  • Extra blogging content I won’t post on my blog
  • Extra blogging content from my blog (like a continuation post)
  • Free printables (I’ve got two set up already!)
  • Tips and trick to blogging/things I’ve learned
  • General writing advice
  • Happy birthday posts, where I may give out a good deal! (Working on that one!)
  • And lots more! (To find out the full scoop, subscribe to my newsletter! It’s worth it, I promise!)

And the best part? If you do subscribe to my newsletter and you decide it isn’t your cup of tea? You can unsubscribe at any time (although it would make me sad!) So… Its a win-win! What do you have to lose? Sign up now!

I have lots of plans for this newsletter, and I seem to come up with 100’s more every day! (My mind is constantly striving to improve all aspects of my blog!)

If you sign up for my email list now, you’ll get a welcome email from me and a blog post I won’t be posting on here! It’s called 59 Last minute Halloween costume ideas! Do yo guys have your costume yet? I know I don’t!

Just as an added incentive, I’ll give you a sneak peak!

cover 2 costume ideas

So if that looks interesting to you (I hope it does!) go ahead and sign up! I’ve put a lot of work into this post and it has everything from babies costumes, to toddlers, men and women’s costumes, and every friend and family costumes too! It’s worth the read! Plus, it looks pretty awesome too and nothing like what you’ve seen on my blog (In terms of style/ organization that is!)

Thanks for reading, whether you sign up or not and I will see you in the next post!

If you missed out on my last post, Cheap Halloween Decor to Buy On Amazon , go here to check it out! And come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more!



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