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30 Dollar Store Halloween DIY’s to Try!

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today I’ve got a list of some cheap, DIY crafts for Halloween! If you want more ideas for this Halloween, check out my 50 Halloween DIY’s post (Some ones are Dollar store, others are not!) I’ve also posted a ton more Halloween crafts from Oct 1st and will continue to post all the way through to Oct 31st! So hit that subscribe button for some great crafts! 🙂 Anyway, enough promo! Here is…

30 Dollar Store Halloween DIY’s to Try!

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Mummy Door


Mummy Hand

Mummy Jar (No link)
Materials- Gauze, large googly eyes, mason jar


Witch Broom DIY

Metallic Skull Knocker (No link)

skull knocker

Dollar Store Skull Pedestals

Crime Scene (No link)
Materials- Crime scene tape, thin wooden yard stakes, bag of bones, skull


Bone Mobile (No link)

Materials- Bag of plastic bones, plastic skull, fishing line, hook

Spider Web Wreath (No link)

Materials- Foam wreath, black spray paint, spiders, spider webs (Dollar Tree)
Spray paint the wreath white or black. Spin the web around the wreath and add spiders

spider wreath

Straw Witch Brooms

Easy door decoration

Create a SPOOKY front entryway for only $11!

Witch Legs

Party Witch Hats

Great idea:

Skull Vase

Printed Skull Candles

Skull Candles

Spider Web Mason Jar (No link)

spider web jar

Trash Bag Spider Web

spider web trash bag

Spooky Spider Picture Frame (No link)


This is just a simple picture frame, white dollies and a plastic spider.

Glowing Spiders (No link)

Cotton balls, mason jar, spiders and a glow stick

Ghost Leaf Bags (No link)

ghost bags

A white trash bag filled with leaves, tied and a drawn on-ghost face! (Can also be done with a pumpkin if you can find an orange bag somewhere!)

Tin Can Ghost

Floating Ghost


Ghost Candles (No link)

ghost candles

This just requires a white candle and a black marker!

Ghost Paper Bags (No link)
white bag ghosts

A white paper bad, LED light and a marker!

Ghost Jugs (No link)

Empty milk jug, black marker and LED light!

Pumpkin Cauldrons (No link)

pumpkin cauldrons

Black spray paint, jack-o-lantern treat pails, and a “creepy” cloth

Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

deco mesh pumpkin

Bandanna Pumpkin

Halloween Village

And that’s it! 30 DIYs to try this Halloween!

Hopefully you guys got some good ideas! As I said before, I have a ton of ideas I have posted, and will continue to post throughout the whole month of October so follow for more!

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Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stick around for more!

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