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10 Ways to Use Dollar Store Foam Board|Crafting On a Budget|

As an Architecture/ Interior Design student, foam board is the holy grail- the saving grace of art supplies. We use it for everything. And apparently there are plenty of other uses for it as well! So here’s

10 Ways to Use Dollar Store Foam Board

ways to use dollar store foam board
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1) Picture Frames

Why buy picture frames when you can just make your own?!

picture frames


2) Tack Pictures

This would be a super easy and very customizable project. Make the board say anything you want!

tack board

3) Games

Ever heard of cornhole? This pretty much has the same concept of the game, except you use paper airplanes.


4) Drawer Organizers

Add some pretty paper on to your foam board and it will be the perfect organizer for your craft desk!


5) Fake Wood Grain

Can you believe this is foam board?! I still can’t…

Learn how to make it here

6) Other Wall Art

Cutting foam board into different sizes, add some different colored paper and you’re set!

Learn how to make it here

7) A Backdrop for Photos

Because of the plain white (or black) color of the foam board, it makes the perfect backdrop to take photos of your other craft work.

using them as a backdrop for pictures.jpg

8) Jewelry Holder

This one seems to be a little advance (for me at least!) but if you’re willing to try it, here you go!



9) Ribbon Holder

Makeshift shelves anyone?

Foam Core Board, used to make a ribbon holder.I prefer this type of holder to the ones with rods down the middle: it is easier to take a single spool of ribbon out.

10) Organization for Fabric

Apparently foam board is really good for organization!

Wrap fabric around foam boards and pin-great for storing fabric!

And there you have it! There is 10 ways to use foam board in your crafting projects! Pretty cool right? I use foam board in so many of my projects, and it can be super cheap- which makes it even better!

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