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Welcome to CraftingQueen! All About Me!


Hello and welcome to my Crafting blog! My online name is the CraftingQueen, but in real life I go by Sarah. And in my first blog post, I’d like to tell you a few things about myself, along with what to expect from the blog, how to contact me and goals I would like to reach. I’ve broken the post up into sections, so if you’d like to just read about the blog, you can skip to that part! I hope you’ll stick around and see what’s in store!
All About Me!

As I mentioned, my name is Sarah (nice to meet you!) And a few things about me are, I love writing and crochet (Go figure!). I’m also 21 years old, and I’ve just recently moved out of my parents house with my (also 21) year old fiance! I’m very proud of us to be able to say that we moved out by 20 (Because we both recently just turned 21). I also got engaged at 20 (Just barely 20 too- like for me I had been 20 for only a month!) We are planning on getting married in 2019.
A lot of people may say that we’ve moved too fast, but for me and my fiance it honestly doesn’t seem like it. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve known each other since  grade school  (1st grade to be exact) and basically grew up together, or the fact that we’re just plain meant to be together. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t be happier with where we are now!
Anyway, enough about me- on to the writing!

My Writing Background

This isn’t my first time writing online, or my first blog. As I said in the beginning, I’m obsessed with writing! Ever since I’ve been a kid, every notebook I could get my hands on had some type of story, chapter or story description scribbled on the pages.
In 2013, when I was 16, I took my writing to the digital world. For about 5 years, I used a free writing website called Wattpad where I gained around 120,000 reads over all of my books (91,000 of those reads came from from one book alone and 3,100 from the second book in the series, still ongoing as of now). After being on there for a few years, it gave me the confidence to realize that people actually liked what I wrote and when I first heard of freelance writing, I fell in love. I had always wanted to become an author as a side job (interior design is my main passion) but I never really realized just how hard freelancing and making money writing could be.
I started trying to find ways to make money with my writing and I fell upon websites like Vocal and Mighty Networks, which I gave up on instantly. I still write on Vocal occasionally, but it didn’t really fit my style with the way that posts had to be reviewed before being accepted and just the general writing and posting experience.
This also isn’t my first blog either. I tried starting a healthy lifestyle blog on a different platform but… the blog failed miserably. Well… I can’t really say that. I just wasn’t in love with the topic I had chosen to blog about. So I gave up blogging for a while. But it wasn’t long til the call of online writing and blogging pulled me back.
At first I went back to Vocal but the feel just wasn’t the same. I missed having my own platform to write as I pleased, about what I pleased, without anyone being able to tell me I couldn’t. By now, I have started over many, many times. Switching platforms, the switching back. Trying to decide what would be best for me and my content… which site is easier to use… I can honestly say, it has been a big headache. A lot of trial and error.
But at least it’s been fun! And I hope one day soon all my hard work and plans with come together and all be worth it 🙂 .

All About CraftingQueen!


So here I am! Long story short, here I am!

After starting this blog, and finally picking a platform- I still really had no idea what I was getting into. Now, after many long hours of work, do I finally realize how hard blogging is. It’s really freaking hard guys.

Long nights working after work and school, days off from my 9-5 job means more time to work on my blog, early rises on my days off. That’s just the icing on the cake. Reading endless amounts of blog posts trying to figure out what to do, staring at a blank screen just hoping the work gets done for you, constantly looking at the analytics page to check online stats- the lists goes on and on.

But you know what? I’m having the time of my life.

I have been a crafter since I was super young and the topic seemed perfect to write about.
Throughout my time blogging, I have really honed in on what I want to blog about- first it was all crafts, then I made it down to kids crafts, crochet, and dollar store crafts, then kids crafts didn’t make the cut and now I’ve even decided to narrow it down even further- to just good ole’ crochet. And to make it even more narrow than that? Teaching my readers beginner crochet. That’s where I’m at for now, but it changes from time to time as I grow and learn.

My Goals

My goals for this blog are pretty simple, just be able to post consistent, quality content to loyal readers. My target reader would obviously be someone who loves crochet, but even more-so someone who is willing and wanting to learn crochet. My set posting days (for now) are Monday and Friday.
Other than that long-winded post (I’m a talker when I’m excited! Guilty as charged!) I hope you will stick around and enjoy your stay at my crafting blog!

Stay connected!

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